Welcome to BB&B

Go to Smashwords to download Birds, Booze & Bulldozers, an eco-novel set in the UK during the mid-1990s following the fortunes of the environmental direct action movement and protagonist Lester Stype.

Peter Styles –
author of BB&B

“One of the most entertaining books I have read in a long time, and one that documents a very important piece of Britain’s social history.”
Fiona Richmond, Ecozine.

“It brought back all the memories. You have captured so well what it felt like to be part of the anti-roads protests.”
John Stewart, Chair of Airport Watch one of the main movers and shakers in the anti-roads movement.

I would appreciate any feedback you may have on the comments section of this blog or email pstymail@yahoo.com, or phone me on 07946 825926. There is also a BB&B Facebook group.


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to BB&B

  1. I’m at chapter 5 and thoroughly enjoying it…almost feels like you’re actually there. You may, however, want to get it proof-read. I’ve noticed a few typos/spelling/grammar mistakes, but nothing too glaring. Great work!

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